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Borrocks Ink Stamp
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BORROCKS, Borrocksing software

(ASCII Newsgroup and E-mail Response Stamping Software)

Pending Borrocks Software Patents and Links

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Borrocks Ink Stamp
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The BORROCKS homepage is at http://www.borrocks.com

|       This file has been borrocksed by Borrocks 95.      |
|   (c) 1999 Scott A. Belmonte, Lachlan M. D. Cranswick    |
|                 http://www.borrocks.com                  |


Pending Borrocks Software Patent Portfolio and Links

A major software patent portfolio based around our BORROCKS technology is being built; initially for defensive measures as it now the software industry norm. Despite attracting a cost of approximately US$20,000 per patent proposal, given recent applications by other companies that were successfully approved by the US Patent Office, we are highly confident on succeeding on all following patent applications.
Following are summaries of BORROCKS patent applications.

  • Use of ASCII banner at non 0 degree angle on a network based technology

  • Use of the word "BOLLOCKS" and its derivatives in an internet context

  • ASCII stamping of ASCII files

  • New Generation Technology in News and E-mail Interaction

  • Dynamic integration of the word "moribund" upon internet based technology

Links to Information on Software Patents

Webpages making what will soon be unauthorised and possible spurious used of the software product name of "BORROCKS"

  • "Quotations" (Unauthorised usage of "BORROCKS"): http://www.rscal.demon.co.uk/quotations.html

  • A galling amount of unauthorised usage of "BORROCKS" on a webpage: http://www.rscal.demon.co.uk/borrocks.html

  • "The Gibberings of a Disturbed Mind": http://www.dcs.warwick.ac.uk/~markg/gibberings/index.html

  • "A THOUSAND GREETINGS and friends, hasn't it been an historic week?": http://www.corrie.net/updates/episode/1997/9707.html

  • People who are supposedly authorities on talking Borrocks: http://www.rscal.demon.co.uk/committee.html

  • "Battle Hymns of the rscal Website Society": http://www.rscal.demon.co.uk/hymns.html

  • Unauthorised usage of the word "BORROCKS" in a newsgroup:
    Subject:      Re: Toasters
    From:         VFR Bloke 
    Date:         1999/10/02
    Newsgroups:   uk.rec.motorcycles 
    [More Headers]
    Possibly under the influence of cosmic rays, Nick Knowles 
    (nick.knowles@which.net) gave forth with a sudden burst of 
    eloquence, thus:
    > AWegg8888  wrote in message
    > news:19991002054540.22301.00000560@ng-bd1.aol.com...
    > >
    > >
    > > REM.  I hate REM too.  Apparently so does Mark Lamarr 
    > > cos on Never Mind The Buzzcocks last night he was 
    > > awarding extra points to contestants who slagged
    > > Micheal Stipe off.  Excellent.  Never liked ML before, 
    > > but now........
    > And didn't little Miss Porter get huffy?
    Oh borrocks.  Missed it, is it repeated anytime?
    Rik Ryall - UKRMHRC#10 - VFR800FI-W
    \"You don't believe me           /
    / That the scenery               \
    \ Could be a cold-blooded killer"/
    /                 - The PotUSA   \

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